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Does Islam Oppress and Subjugate Women?

January 08, 2021 Muslims Down Under Season 1 Episode 5
The Muslims Down Under Podcast
Does Islam Oppress and Subjugate Women?
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The concept of feminism is probably one of the biggest ongoing phenomena of the 21st century. Furthermore, we live in a society where the discussion around Muslim women, their rights, and the teachings of Islam in regards to women is often a hot topic of conversation. But, are the concerns regarding the rights and equality of Muslim women legitimate? And, what role does feminism in the teachings of Islam? 

In reality, the advocacy and establishment of women’s rights were granted well before modern society - more than 1400 years ago with the advent of Islam. Islam provides a proactive and logical explanation of the rights and role of women in society; it promotes the value of women and liberates them from comparing themselves to men based on the common societal understanding of equality. 

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Are Muslim women subjugated or oppressed?
Why is there a misconception that Muslim women have no rights?
What does being equal mean?
What does equality in the best sense mean?
How does Islam prescribe gender equality?
What are the roles of women according to Islam?
Are Muslim women truly valued?
What is true liberation and freedom?