The Muslims Down Under Podcast

Islam and Australia - A Clash of Values?

January 01, 2021 Muslims Down Under Season 1 Episode 4
The Muslims Down Under Podcast
Islam and Australia - A Clash of Values?
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Unfortunately, a large portion of Australian society harbors a misunderstanding that people from different faiths or cultures don’t contribute or integrate within Australian society. More specifically, there is also a common misconception that Australian values clash with the values of Australian Muslims. As a result of this confusion, Muslims experience ongoing prejudice and discrimination. 
To eradicate these false impressions, the concept of integration and assimilation needs to be understood from a logical perspective. Australian values are those that sustain the growth, progress, and advancement of the nation. For any Muslim living in Australia, the teachings of Islam explicitly instruct them to be active, contributing, and peaceful members of society. 

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What does integration mean?
What is the different between assimilation and integration?
What are the common ways of integration?
How do we remain a cohesive society?
What are Islamic teachings on integration?
Do Aussie Muslims contribute to society?
What are Australian values?
Do Muslims have Australian values?