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What Is The Meaning Of Love In The 21st Century?

December 18, 2020 Muslims Down Under Season 1 Episode 2
The Muslims Down Under Podcast
What Is The Meaning Of Love In The 21st Century?
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In the modern world, our life goals are more often than not driven by materialistic standards. The same constructs exist for the relationships we establish in our lives. Since ego-based relationships are based on superficial and temporary qualities, they exert tremendous amounts of pressure to be ‘perfect’ - when in reality no one is really perfect. This is also what causes relationships to fail and for people to experience depression and heartache. 
In reality, true love is much more than what society often leads us to believe; it is something that is built, nurtured, and established through effort and pure intentions. Every individual has the capacity to love in this way; it is an innate potential that can be consciously developed. 
This is in essence what Islam teaches; when we choose our spouses based on their righteousness, and when we develop and grow, the bond between two individuals based on moral and spiritual characteristics, we end up nurturing a form of love that is based on meaningful qualities and allows one to be at peace with not only yourself, but others as well, and most importantly with God.

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What is the meaning of love?
Is true love much more than society believes?
What is true love according to Islam?
What should true love lead to?