The Muslims Down Under Podcast

Season One: Contemporary Topics

October 07, 2020 Muslims Down Under Season 1
The Muslims Down Under Podcast
Season One: Contemporary Topics
Show Notes

Have you ever been confused as to why there is so much bad press regarding Muslims or why Islam is often scapegoated by politicians and the media?

Or do you find it difficult to understand the teachings of Islam in the context of the modern world?

Well, you've come to the right place!

Welcome to the Muslims Down Under Podcast, a podcast presented as part of the Muslims Down Under platform. In this podcast, we seek to enable contemplation by engaging in intellectual conversation about Muslims and Islam on issues that are often ignored or misinterpreted. 

Episodes include conversations on a range of current and contemporary topics that aim to educate, clarify misconceptions, and remove misunderstandings.

Whether you're fascinated by the differences between culture and religion, or understanding the pursuit of happiness in light of the religion of Islam interests you more - join us on a unique journey as we explore these topics and much more.

You can find us at or learn more about Islam at

Muslims Down Under is a platform that aims to #ChangeTheNarrative one conversation at a time.
Join us, and help spread the word. Together we can do so much more!